Legal Writing Awards - Law Firm
Presented to Winners in the 1,000 largest firms.

Currently, only the 1000 largest law firms in America are permitted to participate in these "law firm" writing awards because of the resources and number of judges available.

Applications and attachments may be submitted online by the Managing Partners of the nation's 1000 largest law firms or their designees, the Directors of Marketing, and student nominations by Law School Deans, or their designees, the Deans of Students. The application for Law Firms must be received by February 7, 2014. You can file an application by filling out the form below.

If there are extenuating circumstances which prevented a firm from meeting the deadline, please call the organization to ask whether a late submission can still be accepted by the program.

The Criteria include

  • The Submission must be an article. (Only one article may be submitted on behalf of a law firm.)
  • The subject of the article can be devoted to any legal topic.
  • The article may have appeared in any publication, whether written for lawyers or for consumers.
  • Only managing partners, marketing directors or their designees may nominate an applicant.
  • At least one author or coauthor must be a partner or counsel at the firm.
  • Coauthors are permitted. Please provide the name, address, telephone number, fax and email of each contributing author.
  • The article must have a publication date of the previous year even if it actually printed at a later date.
  • The author may not presently be a full-time academic.
  • This completed nomination form together with a copy of the article should be submitted online at If mailed, the nomination form must still be filled out online and two hard copies must be sent.

Please note: A 150 word narrative biographical summary written in the third person and a high resolution photo of each nominee must be submitted to at the time of the application.