The Awards

Legends in the Law

Each year, the "Legends in the Law Award" goes to an outstanding corporate general counsel whose corporation or business had gross revenues which exceeded $1 Billion in the previous year. In addition to the award ceremony and gala, we annually hold a special luncheon honoring the "Legends in Law" winners in the Members Room at the Library of Congress.

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Legal Writing Awards - Law Firm Presented to Winners in the 1,000 largest firms.

Once again this year, 30 partners from the nation's 1,000 largest law firms will be chosen for "Distinguished Law Firm Writing Awards." Firm winners must demonstrate clarity, cogency, and persuasive legal writing. Their article must be published in the preceding year. Judges of the distinguished Legal Writing Awards bring their understanding, experience, and passion for legal writing to the difficult and competitive process of reviewing nominations of published articles written by top attorneys across the country.

Currently, only the 1,000 largest law firms in America are permitted to participate in these "law firm" writing awards because of the resources and number of judges available.

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Legal Writing Awards - Students Presented to Winners from America's Law Schools.

The Burton Awards academic board will select 15 law school students to honor with a "Distinguished Legal Writing Award." This great honor will be awarded to the authors of legal articles that demonstrate creativity, knowledge, and know-how. While the length and subject matter of the legal articles are not limited, the winners will display true understanding and mastery of the law and contribute to the field's need for clarity and reform in writing.

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Contributions to Legal Writing Education Award

The Outstanding Contributions to Legal Writing and Education Committee presents this award the finest law school teacher who has promoted and advanced legal writing. Contact Committee Chair Noah Messing to discuss the nomination process further.  

Public Service Awards

The Public Service Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and integrity and has been employed in the executive branch of government at any time over the last ten years.  

Public Interest Awards

The Public Interest Award is presented to an individual who serves as general counsel in one of America's corporations and, on a pro bono basis, has made a significant contribution or has had a significant impact on the public interest.  

Reform in Law Award

The Reform in Law Award is presented for widespread impact in promoting the best interest of the administration of justice. The award is not given out every year, but only to recognize truly exemplary efforts.