2024 Law360 Distinguished Legal Writing Award – Law School Winners Announced!

The Burton Awards is pleased to award the finest law school writers with the “Law360 Distinguished Legal Writing Award – Law School.” The winners were chosen from nominations submitted by the nation’s top 500 law schools.

The following law school authors are Law360 Distinguished Legal Writing Award Winners:


BYU Law School Dan Ankenman How Unfounded Fear Disenfranchises Voters With Disabilities
Cleveland State University College of Law Julian Gilbert In Pursuit of a Modern Standard: The Constitutional Proportions of Collateral Harm from Pursuits and Police High-Speed Driving
Columbia Law School Jonathan Gliboff Waterproofing Statehood: Strengthening Claims for Continued Statehood for Sinking States Using “E-Governance”
Fordham Law School Samantha Mitchell First Amendment Speech Protections in A Post-Dobbs World: Providing Instruction on Instructional Speech
Howard University School of Law Breanna M. Madison Whose Child Are You? Protecting Black Children and Families Predisposed to the Harms of the Family Regulation System
Indiana University Maurer School of Law Anneli E. Kawaoka Psychedelic Drugs & The Prior Art Problem
Syracuse University College of Law Emily Pascale “Deeply Dehumanizing, Degrading and Violating: Deepfake Pornography and the Path to Legal Recourse.”
Temple University Beasley School of Law Jonathan Fedors Why Blue Cities Can Challenge Election Subversion under the Elections Clause
Tulane Law School Cameron Ott


Louisiana Wetlands, LLC v. Energen Res. Corp.: Has the Louisiana First Circuit’s Expansion of the Subsequent Purchaser Doctrine Post-Eagle Pipe Gone Too Far?
University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law Erica Litle Transitioning Texas Law into the Modern Era: A Dismantling of the Texas Attorney General’s Opinion on Gender Affirming Healthcare
University of Iowa College of Law Benjamin Louviere Time for a Tune Up in America’s Healthcare Market: Securing the Right to Repair for Medical Devices
University of Miami School of Law Grace Slicklen For Freedom or Full of It? State Attempts to Silence Social Media
University of South Carolina Joseph F. Rice School Lyndsey Ebener State Takeover in South Carolina: An Inadequate Means to Achieving “Minimally Adequate” Education
Washington University School of Law Elena LeVan Fruit of the Poisonous Tree: Potential Eighth Amendment Protections for Inmates Subject to Sexual Victimization in the Post-Dobbs World
William & Mary Law School Daniel Wicklund The AI Quid Pro Quo Problem: Suggesting a Framework for Patents Involving Artificial Intelligence-Assisted or -Created Inventions


The Academic Board, which reviewed articles published within the past year, was led by Virginia Wise, Chair, formerly of Harvard Law School; Kristen K. Tiscione, Georgetown Law Center; Lindsay Sturges Saffouri, UC Berkeley School of Law; William C. Burton, Founder and Chair of the event; and William Ryan, former member of the Department of Homeland Security and Chair of the White House Plain Language Committee.

William Burton, Founder and Chair of the awards program, said “The recipients are truly exemplary, skillful, and effective writers. The highest standard of excellence in legal writing.”