2017 Event

A Tradition of Excellence

The 2017 event was held at the Library of Congress on May 22nd. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg joined with her two co-authors to speak about her biography, “My Own Words.” Then ABA President, Linda Klein, was welcomed and thanked. Lamarr Houston, Outside Line Baker of the Chicago Bears, spoke about his interest in becoming a member of the legal profession. Chief Judge, Robert Katzmann of the Second Circuit US Court of Appeals was given the Education in Law award. An electrifying debate was held on the merits of the Electoral College. H. Rodgin Cohen received an award for Law Firm Leadership in Law. Linda Edwards was chosen as an educator; Dahlia Lithwick as a journalist; Bernie Nash for his firm’s blog.

Legends in Law Luncheon


Program & Gala